Kerry Katona’s Transformation 6 months After Having Surgery

Kerry Katona talks to the press about her recent liposuction surgery at the Belvedere and her journey to looking and feeling fabulous.



We have been following Kerry’s journey since she had her surgery here at the Belvedere Clinic 6 months ago. Her instagram posts show her feelings and lifestyle changes.

Kerry’s most Recent Instagram post was her feeling delighted that she had managed to fit into her teenage daughter’s jeans along with her newly cropped hair style. Wow what a transformation and looking very happy!

kerry-katona-dr-maurino-joffilyKerry underwent a Tummy Tuck and liposuction Surgery at the Belvedere Clinic 6 months, Carried out by our own UK Plastic Surgeon Dr Maurino Joffily

Kerry had four and half litres of fat removed from her body, over the months she lost a further 3 stone.

kerry six months after surgeryIn the press this weekend in the SUN she mentions “I was a dress size 14 and I’m an 8 now. I’ve lost three stone, from 12-and-a-half stone to nine-and-a-half stone.”

Also her TV appearance on ITV’s THIS MORNING this week,  Kerry talks about her mental illness and how she has been feeling over the past 6 months since having her cosmetic surgery

Kerry has finally achieved her goal , we are very please for Kerry and glad we could be of help in achieving your goal.


Are you considering having a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction or maybe both?



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Tummy Tuck ( Abdominoplasty )

Abdominoplasty procedure has been carried out at the Belvedere Clinic for over 25 years, with hundreds of men and women leaving our hospital much happier and free from the their anxiety and of course a much firmer flatter tummy. With a tummy tuck the skin can be removed and the muscles tightened to leave a flatter and firmer tummy. There are two procedures which our surgeon will discuss at your consultation.

Complimentary Procedures for the Tummy Tuck surgery

Additional procedures that may enhance the result of a tummy tuck are

Liposuction -A number of our patients will combine their tummy tuck with liposuction to give a slimmer waistline over just one procedure alone. Liposuction Surgery removes fat cells permanently and they are not replaced. A hollow metal tube is inserted through small incisions in the skin, which breaks up the fat cells that are then removed with a vacuum pump or syringe.

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Celebrity Stars you never knew had lipo

The weight loss procedures that prove most popular among celebrities are the tummy tuck and liposuction.

Celebrity Stars you never knew had lipoOut of the two though, liposuction offers the most versatility as it can be carried out on not just the stomach but also the arms, hips, chest, back, buttocks, thighs, chin, neck and face.

Celebrities are always on the lookout for things that can make them look younger, svelter and more gorgeous. This includes eating well and exercising, both of which have seen the careers of wellness and fitness vloggers sky-rocket. However, the most tried and tested method that stars, both Hollywood and homegrown, use for rejuvenation is cosmetic surgery.

This amazing breadth of treatment options gives celebrities every reason to address their problem areas with liposuction or Vaser Lipo, and many do. There are of course plenty of famous faces who are well known for having had liposuction, such as Kerry Katona, Katy Price and Sharon Osbourne. These ladies shout from the rooftops about the amazing benefits that celebrity cosmetic surgery has had for them. Yet are there others who you don’t know about yet? The following stars have all taken advantage of the ever-innovating world of liposuction to maintain their picture-perfect physiques.

Britney Spears

Remember Britney’s rock hard abs from the I’m A Slave 4 U video? Well, after childbirth she wanted them back. The pop star had already plumped for a breast augmentation and a rumoured tummy tuck, and so she complemented her look with liposuction before her ongoing residency in Las Vegas began.

Kim Kardashian

Kim’s first husband Damon Thomas has shed light on the social butterfly’s surgery choices, explaining that she has had both liposuction and a breast enlargement. Well, she wouldn’t be the only one in her family, as both she, Kourtney and Kylie have chosen rhinoplasty surgery to sculpt their noses and their mother Kris Jenner has been very open about having had a boob job.

Demi Moore

For her role as Angel Madison in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, Demi needed to be every inch the sultry seductress. Despite constant workouts Demi, who was 39 at the time, decided to undergo liposuction on her abs, thighs and knees in order to confidently steal scenes from the Angels.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is one of the biggest action stars in the world and is in amazing physical shape. The movie star obviously doesn’t need any help in the fitness department, but in 2005 he opted for liposuction on his famously massive chest, as he says it was getting a little too large.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba chose cosmetic surgery to restore her flawless form after she gave birth to two beautiful daughters. It is said that the star opted for liposuction on many different areas of her body so that she could address stubborn fat cells and snap back to her pre-pregnancy shape. The stunning actress certainly shows that a person of any weight might choose liposuction in order to remove fat that is not respondent to changes in diet or exercise.

There is Celebrity Stars that SHOUT about their Cosmetic Surgery

The Belvedere Clinic have carried out recently Tummy Tuck Surgery and Liposuction to our one and only Kerry Katona, who has spoken on social media many times and is quite happy to flaunt her new looks to the rest of world through national press  


Did Bella Hadid get a nose job?

Bella Hadid and her sister Gigi are among the biggest top models of the moment, but the youngest Hadid has not resisted the temptations of cosmetic surgery.

Did Bella Hadid get a nose job?

Being Bella Hadid means having a steady army of fans that cover you in compliments every day. But that doesn’t mean losing all insecurity about your looks, and so the American top model has surprised everyone with her old photos, in which she appeared with decidedly different physical traits from the ones she has today. So did she get a rhinoplasty?  We don’t have confirmation from the model herself, but it’s clear that a few years ago Isabella, better known as Bella, had a very different nose and lips. Some sources have even pointed to her personal insecurity compared with her sister Gigi, who is currently more famous. This explains why Bella, at the young age of 20, has felt the need for cosmetic surgery.

Her nose before and after the rhinoplasty

Her dream was to become an Olympic horse riding champion, but Bella Hadid could not fulfil it because of Lyme’s illness, which she was diagnosed with in 2013. After this traumatic moment, her modelling career started, despite her introverted and insecure personality, and brought her to become an icon of sensuality.

Her shyness got worse when her sister Gigi made her debut on international runways, reaching heights of success unheard of before. And so rumour has it that the youngest Hadid followed the trend of celebrity plastic surgery. She went into town with her father’s credit card and returned with completely different facial features.

We do not know if these speculations are true, but old photos of the top model show a different nose, lip and cheek bone shape.

In the before pictures, her nose was long and had a slight hump on its back, whereas now it’s well-proportioned and has a finer tip. The same thing happened to her lips: before they were thin and not very well-defined, whereas now they’re much fuller. Finally, her cheek-bones are now more defined, possibly because of fillers and botox.

Whether or not Bella underwent surgery, you might be considering a similar procedure. Contact the Belvedere Clinic today to discuss further.

141689_6584 by Disney | ABC Television Group licensed under Creative commons 6


Is the rise in cosmetic surgery procedures influenced by social media?

According to plastic surgeons, fat infusion and facial surgery is on the rise due to the influence stemming from social media sites.

Is the rise in cosmetic surgery procedures influenced by social media?


Although in previous years, celebrities aimed to reinforce natural beauty, the popularity of cosmetic procedures is higher than ever. The slight drop in face-lifts in 2015 has since seen a 4% increase and continues to escalate.

The amount of selfies posted on social media sites has seemed to make individuals question their appearance, with the aim to improve their looks.

Although editing software and applications have often been used to alter photographs, it seems that individuals are now craving a real-life confidence boost to get the face and body of their dreams.

According to Dr. Debra Johnson: “Patients are captivated by instant improvements to the face. It’s evident in the popularity of apps and filters that change how we shape and shade our faces. While there are more options than ever to rejuvenate the face, a face-lift done by a board-certified plastic surgeon can have a dramatic, longer-lasting result, which is why I am not surprised to see face-lifts back in the top five most popular cosmetic surgical procedures.” [].

In 2016, over 17 million facial surgeries were carried out. The desire for nose reshaping and eyelid procedures has also risen by 2% in the past year; perhaps all due to the selfie trend.

Although cosmetic and plastic procedures are usually associated with getting plastic implants, this is not always the case. Individuals are now choosing to use natural fat as a replacement for plastic within surgeries. Last year, breast augmentations saw the use of natural fat used within procedures jump up to 72%. The natural fat is taken from other areas of the body. For example, the abdomen or buttock which is then used in areas such as the breast. The result of these treatments means that procedures may be more cost-effective for individuals in the hope of creating a more natural appearance.

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure from a professional plastic surgeon in London, please contact or take a read of our blogs for the latest celebrity cosmetic procedures available at:[].



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Stephen Bear supports Charlotte Crosby’s desire for more Cosmetic Surgery

Charlotte famously underwent a nose job in 2016. However, Stephen has been urged to speak out now after his girlfriend revealed she is considering surgery on her breasts.

Stephen Bear supports Charlotte Crosby’s desire for more cosmetic surgery

Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby are the hottest couple in town. The reality stars – famed for their appearances on Ex on the Beach and Geordie Shore – have only been dating for a few short months but most of their relationship has played out in the public eye. They seem to be going from strength to strength, with Stephen now revealing that he’d support Charlotte even if she wanted to change her appearance again.

The Celebrity Big Brother star told OK! magazine: “If you’re unhappy with your nose and you get it done, afterwards you feel more confident and happy. Some people see a person being happy and they just want to run them down.” Charlotte famously underwent a nose job in 2016. However, Stephen has been urged to speak out now after his girlfriend revealed she is considering surgery on her breasts. In the same interview, Charlotte explained: “There is something that I feel under confident about. I don’t know whether I’d get it changed but I’ve been doing some research. It’s known as ‘the uni-boob’, but the actual term is symmastia.”

In 2015, Charlotte did toy with the idea of changing the appearance of her breasts with a boob job. However, she suggested that she’d prefer to wait until she got a little older. Since then though, she’s undergone numerous cosmetic procedures, including lip fillers, Botox and the aforementioned rhinoplasty. She famously told OK!: “I’m always getting my lips done, though. I’ll probably get them done again in about 5 months.”

The comments echo the words of co-star Chloe Ferry, who just this week revealed that she wouldn’t swap her pumped up pout for the world. Chloe told Closer: “My lips are what I love the most. I’d get lip fillers for the rest of my life! I used to have really gross lips; I basically didn’t have any as they were so thin. As soon as I could afford them I got fillers and I love them.”

Inspired by Charlotte and Chloe?

If you’ve been inspired by celebrity cosmetic surgery, you can follow in Charlotte’s footsteps by contacting the Belvedere for information on a range of cosmetic procedures. Get in touch today for expert advice from our plastic surgeon in London that could help you see yourself in a new light.


Chloe Ferry receives cosmetic procedure on Snapchat

Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry has given her fans an in-depth look at what it’s like to undergo a cosmetic procedure after having fillers pumped into her chin while on Snapchat.


The reality star – fresh off appearing on Celebrity Big Brother – streamed the footage on the app before showing off her new facial profile. While for some it might be quite an intimate moment, Chloe’s never had any qualms about letting her fan base know all about the work she’s had done.

In fact, the television personality – who joined the wild MTV show in 2015 – has previously admitted to undergoing numerous aesthetic procedures since shooting to stardom. Just some of the work she’s had done includes a nose job, a brow lift, lip fillers and Botox. She’s already set her sights on a second rhinoplasty after the first was primarily intended to remove a bump.

At the end of the day, all the treatment had led to a huge improvement in Chloe’s level of self-esteem. Sadly, before the work the starlet considered herself to be ‘ugly’. Last year she explained to Mail Online: “I feel like I look a lot better now. I don’t like natural. When I see before and after pictures I think I’ve changed so much. When I see pictures from when I first went to Geordie Shore, I think: ‘Woah. Was I that ugly?’ I wasn’t gorgeous!”

Of course, Chloe isn’t the only person to go under the knife from Geordie Shore. Marnie Simpson has previously admitted to having a boob lift and liposuction, whereas Holly Hagan’s had a breast enlargement and Botox. Meanwhile, the male cast members have also been known to get in on the action. Kyle Christie underwent a nose job in 2016, and before that Aaron Chalmers had the same operation in 2014.

Are you interested?

If you’re interested in improving your appearance, cosmetic surgery might just be the best answer. Unlike Chloe, it can of course be done in a much more private setting rather than being streamed on Snapchat. For more information about what procedure might just be for you, get in touch with the Belvedere Clinic .


Mama June transforms after multiple cosmetic procedures

American television personality Mama June has completely transformed after undergoing numerous cosmetic procedures.

mama-june-before-after-cosmetic surgery

The star – famed for her time on the hit show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo – faced years of criticism after becoming a household name in 2012. The 37-year-old has now said that enough is enough and has gone under the knife to overhaul her appearance.

This week she’s proudly flaunted the outcome and as a result she’s made headlines all around the world. So how’s she done it? Well, the mum-of-four has had a tummy tuck and a breast lift, as well as having skin removed from her neck and arms. Also, thanks to gastric sleeve surgery, she’s lost an enormous amount of weight to shrink from 33st to a petite size eight.

Due to how different she looks in such a short space of time, Mama June – real name June Shannon – has had to deny that she’s been wearing a fat suit. Speaking on iHeart Radio, she said: “I definitely did not wear a fat suit, I was fat. People don’t realise this journey has been going on since May of last year, my last surgery was in December.”

Mama June is so happy to have turned to cosmetic surgery that she insists she wouldn’t stand in the way if any of her kids wanted to undergo similar work when they are older. During an interview with Page Six, she explained: “If it would make them confident, then yes, I would recommend the surgery. You have to do your research, definitely, and that’s what got me into the gastric sleeve. That helps you lose as much weight as possible.”

Mama June seems to echo the sentiments of Shameless star Tina Malone, who famously underwent weight loss surgery herself. Discussing why she opted to go under the knife, the actress once told the Liverpool Echo: “I just wanted to be my best.”

Are you ready to transform?

There is a wide range of cosmetic procedures available for anyone who wants to improve their appearance and feel better about themselves. For more information, you can receive expert advice by contacting the Belvedere Clinic today.


Chloe Khan is happy to flaunt her nose job

Chloe Khan is happy to flaunt the results after undergoing nose surgery.

Chloe-Khan-is-happy-to-flaunt her Nose Job

The reality star – famed for appearances on shows such as X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother – confirmed reports that she had a secret rhinoplasty when she posted pictures of her bandaged nose to her followers on Instagram. Many of Chloe’s fans even commented on how great she looked, with one individual writing: “Your nose looks amaaaaazing.”

Of course, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that Chloe has gone under the knife again. That’s because the 26-year-old has always been open about her fondness of cosmetic procedures. In fact, just last year she boasted about having spent £50,000 to achieve her jaw-dropping image. She told New! magazine: “I’m not addicted to surgery, but when you have something done and you love the results, it makes you want to get something else.”

The star added: “In my circles, surgery isn’t weird. It’s like going for dinner! I love looking like a Barbie and being out of proportion. I’ve spent about £20k on my boobs, £9k on my nose, £8.5k on veneers, and my lips were another £10k. So about £50k in total.”

Chloe has previously been very open about her love of celebrity culture. This admiration of other famous faces was certainly clear when it was revealed that she’d had two of her boob jobs performed by the same surgeon who operated on Katie Price.

Likewise, Chloe has probably been inspired by Simon Cowell. Long time fans will remember that it was Simon who Chloe desperately tried to impress when she first shot to stardom as a contestant on X Factor in 2010. Simon, of course, has also been open about the work he’s had done. In 2015, the talent show judge told The Daily Mirror: “Hopefully I look better now – I probably did have a little too much Botox a couple of years ago, because everyone on TV has it.”

Is cosmetic surgery for you?

Unlike Chloe, you don’t have to spend £50,000 to achieve your dream look. Instead, you can undergo affordable procedures at the Belvedere Clinic.  Get in touch for more information.


CBB and cosmetic surgery: Now it’s Kim Woodburn’s turn

Kim Woodburn has set her sights on plastic surgery after once again shooting to stardom.

CBB and cosmetic surgery Now it's Kim Woodburns turn

The television cleaner – famed for shows such as How Clean Is Your House and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here – is fresh out of Celebrity Big Brother. Now that she’s once again in the public eye, the 74-year-old is eyeing up an image overhaul. In particular, she’s looking to have liposuction. Kim told Reveal magazine: “I would like to be younger. I have some little wrinkles on my stomach which I’d like taken off with liposuction.”

Kim, who has spent weeks living with the likes of Nicola McLean, Heidi Montag and Bianca Gascoigne – a trio who have all previously admitted to going under the knife – said that she would never judge someone for wanting to improve their appearance. She told the publication: “I’ve got no objection to people making themselves look better but please, do it nicely.”

Of course, Kim isn’t the first famous face to consider getting work done after a stint on CBB. Following the 2016 instalment, both Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis underwent cosmetic procedures. Male model Jeremy treated himself to a nose job, whereas former soap star Stephanie had lip fillers.

Much like Kim, the pair were seemingly convinced that cosmetic work was a great option after spending weeks living with a number of surgically enhanced stars. The list includes David Gest, Nancy Dell’Olio, Christopher Maloney and Danniella Westbrook.

In fact, Danniella was so fond of going under the knife that she had invested in almost 40 different procedures before she turned 40-years-old in 2013. The Ex-EastEnders actress previously revealed that she’d had a number of boob jobs to help with her career and improve her appearance. She also suggested that she’d have more work done if she thought it was necessary. Danniella told the Daily Star: “I wouldn’t totally rule out the odd nip and tuck in the future.”

The stars are leading the way

Remember, you don’t have to appear on Celebrity Big Brother before having cosmetic surgery. Instead, you can start the ball rolling on improving your appearance by contacting the Belvedere today.