Is Prince Harry having a hair transplant after the royal wedding?

Prince Harry is rich, good looking and about to marry the girl of his dreams – what more could he want?

Is Prince Harry having a hair transplant after the royal wedding?

Well, it seems the popular royal won’t be satisfied until he’s also got a head full of hair. According to reports, Harry is planning on getting a hair transplant once he’s tied the knot with fiancée Meghan Markle in May. Harry’s wife-to-be is also thought to be very much in favour of him undergoing the procedure.

A source told the Daily Star: “He’s a modern prince and he wants to stay looking as young as possible for as long as possible. Meghan helped talk him into it because she’s seen dozens of male friends in Hollywood going for these treatments. Harry knows everyone will make a massive deal out of it, but he feels he’s young enough at 33 that he shouldn’t feel bad about wanting to reverse his hair loss.”

It’s hardly surprising that Meghan is the reason that Harry’s been inspired to undergo the treatment. After all, Meghan is said to be responsible for a number of people finally biting the bullet and treating themselves to cosmetic surgery. In particular, doctors – both in the UK and the US – have noticed that patients are requesting nose jobs with the hope of looking and feeling as beautiful as Meghan.

New York-based doctor Philip J. Miller recently spoke about the fad, when he told Moneyish: “It’s pretty crazy – people have come asking me for her nose six times in the past week at least.”

Meanwhile, Florida-based surgeon Dr. Rian Maercks agreed that Meghan is the number one beauty that is inspiring people to change their own image – blaming it on the actress’s ‘aesthetic facial balance’ that many understandably find desirable.

He explained: “Particularly her nose, which has this tight, small tip with extreme definition that people are into, and nice, supple lips that fit her face while being very natural-looking. And we can give this natural look with minimally invasive techniques using filler products.”

Fancy feeling like royalty?

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The most famous WAGs who have had plastic surgery

The football season is heating up – but not everyone is looking at the pitch. Instead, many soccer fans are glancing into the stands to see the beautiful women who are cheering on their men.

The question is: have these lovely ladies had work done? The answer, more often than not, is yes. WAGs have never been strangers to going under the knife and some of the most famous ones have even been very open about doing so. With this in mind, here’s a look at some past and present footballers’ wives who have led the way with plastic surgery.

The most famous WAGs who have had plastic surgeryVictoria Beckham

Victoria had Breast Implants shortly after she gave birth to her son Brooklyn in 1999. The fashion designer – who is also the wife of former footballer David Beckham – went from a 34A to a 34D during the operation. Posh chose to stay hush on the matter all the way until 2010, but by that point the secret was already out of the bag.

Coleen Rooney

Coleen has literally transformed in front of people’s eyes since the world first saw her on the arm of Wayne Rooney in the mid-2000s. In 2010, it was reported that husband Wayne had treated her to a boob job because their marriage was on shaky ground. Then in 2012, sources confirmed that the columnist had undergone a non-surgical tummy tuck in order to achieve her pre-pregnancy body.


Rebekah Vardy

Rebekah is the epitome of the modern day WAG. Married to man-of-the-moment Jamie Vardy, she’s embraced plastic surgery to the point where she has no qualms discussing it on live television. In fact, just last year Rebekah said she’d set her sights on a second boob job as she appeared on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here. This followed her declaration in the Daily Mirror where she said she’d had ‘loads’ Botulinum injections.


Let the WAGs lead the way

Who wouldn’t want to look like a WAG? Much like the stunners mentioned here, you can achieve your dream appearance with a little help from cosmetic surgery. For help choosing a procedure, get in touch with The Belvedere Clinic.

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Three reality stars who only felt confident after a boob job

You may be fooled into thinking that the most popular reality stars were born feeling confident in their own skin.

Three reality stars who only felt confident after a boob job

In actual fact, a large number of them first turned to plastic surgery before they felt any real sense of self-worth.

What was their choice of procedure? A boob job, mainly. If you don’t feel self-assured with your appearance and are thinking of going under the knife, here are three reality stars who felt the same way before their breast enlargement.

1. Amber Turner

TOWIE favourite Amber Turner always looked very comfortable on television mingling with the gorgeous people of Essex. However, it wasn’t until she had a boob job that she actually felt a boost to her self-esteem Just last month, she shared a picture online following the operation. Discussing her new assets, she wrote: “They are settling more and more every day and I can’t recommend them more. I am now super happy and confident in my body and that truly is all that matters!”

2.Michelle Visage

American star Michelle Visage – famed for RuPaul’s Drag Race and Celebrity Big Brother – just oozes body confidence whenever she’s in front of the cameras. According to her husband David, she had nowhere near her current level of self-esteem until she underwent a breast enlargement. Discussing his wife’s decision to go under the knife, David once told Heat: “She wanted to have some kind of curves going on – curves lead to confidence – and her [breast] implants helped with that.”

3. Chloe Simms

Blonde bombshell Chloe Simms decided to go up a few cup sizes following her debut on TOWIE. She later spoke about how the procedure made her feel more self-assured when it came to the sexy scenes on the show. Writing in her autobiography, she explained: “It felt weird being there in front of the camera with just a pair of knickers on but my new boobs gave me confidence.”

Could you do with more self-worth?

It’s perfectly normal to want to boost your self-worth – even if you haven’t got cameras following your every move like these women! Whether it’s a boob job that’s the answer or another cosmetic procedure, be sure to check out your options by getting in touch with the Belvedere Cosmetic Surgery Clinic surgery.


“My First Little Boob Job – A Silicone and Schuster Book”. Pasteup, Newtown, Sydney. by JAM Project licensed under Creative commons 5


Even dads are enjoying cosmetic surgery now

It once seemed like only women were partaking in the joys of plastic surgery. However, men have long jumped on to the trend

– and now even those with kids are finding the time to go under the knife. A number of cosmetic specialists have now revealed that they are seeing more and more dads making an appointment with them in a bid to improve their appearance.


Dr Jayson Oates recently revealed that an increasing number of fathers are turning to surgery due to an unhappiness over their ‘dad bods’. This is a term used for men who have fallen out of shape, and therefore could be in need of liposuction, pectoral implants or similar treatments. Dr Oates – a former president of the Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery – told Mail Online that dads are turning to cosmetic procedures in an effort to ‘sculpt’ their figure. Talking to the news outlet, he said: “Certainly since spring we have seen an increasing interest in core sculpting.” Before adding: “We can tell a good candidate by the amount of fat we can grab.”

Meanwhile, the same trend has been seen in the United States. Last year, Dr. Doris Day revealed that cosmetic work had become a popular option amongst fathers because the procedures have become quicker and safer than ever before. She told Fox News: “The fact that we have so many treatments now that have little-to-no downtime and are minimal to non-invasive, it’s really opened up the market to men.”

But what is it that’s causing men to consider plastic surgery in the first place? Well, according to Dr Day fathers are seeking these life-changing treatments because they are conscious of how the pressures of work and raising a family have taken a toll on their appearance. She added: “Their children are graduating, getting married and having children themselves, and they want to look good for those events.”

Even dads are enjoying cosmetic surgery now

For evidence, just look no further than dad-of-three Tom Cruise. The movie star is believed to have had a nose job and Anti Wrinkle injections to maintain his youthful complexion as a father. Tom has kept his cards close to his chest on this front though – choosing to let his ageless complexion speak for itself instead!

Check it out!

If you’re a dad and you’re only just clocking on to the benefits of plastic surgery, get in touch with the Belvedere. You’ll be able to discuss a whole range of cosmetic procedures for men to see if there’s one that’s perfect for you. Like other fathers, it’s about time that you found out what all the fuss is about!

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Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson may consider more surgery

Fans of the hit reality show Geordie Shore will no doubt be aware that one of its stars, Marnie Simpson, is no stranger to cosmetic surgery.


It may surprise some then that she is not ready to stop anytime soon! It appears that Geordie Shore’s Marnie is such a fan that she may consider more in the future.

To date, Simpson has had two rhinoplasty procedures, a boob job twice and lip fillers to dramatically enhance her appearance. However, the reality star has reportedly stated that she is now planning breast surgery to uplift her boobs as well as a few other “tweaks”. It would seem that she is so chuffed with how the previous surgery has improved her look that she is happy to continue with future procedures.

The underlying reason behind her surgery is she would like to ‘fix’ the parts of her body she isn’t happy with. This is very common among many women, both famous and non-celebrity, who undergo surgery to gain more confidence. As with many celebrities, the intense public scrutiny may have also played its part in her decision to choose the surgical option.

It would also appear from comments she has made to the press that her boyfriend is even joining in now! She has started dating former X Factor contestant Casey Johnson after meeting him over the summer. Apparently, he is thinking of following her lead and getting some work done too. Although it will obviously not be a boob job, the former X Factor hunk is thought to be considering work on his teeth.

One thing is for sure – they make a stunning couple and any planned surgery will only enhance this. With Marnie’s dazzling figure and his soon to come gleaming smile, they will be every photographer’s dream!

If you are needing an extra confidence boost like the gorgeous Marnie Simpson, why not get in touch with us today for a chat? We can outline what procedures we offer and you can take the time to decide if there is one that would be suitable for you.


The ever-changing appearance of Rita Ora

RITA ORA cosmetic surgery

Rita Ora is known for being a true style chameleon, frequently changing her look and experimenting with her appearance,

and now a leading surgeon claims that it may not only be her clothes choices that have undergone a dramatic transformation in the years following her meteoric rise to fame.

Although her beauty is admired by men and women from around the world, it seems that the singer may still have turned to cosmetic enhancements to improve her appearance and help her consolidate her glamourous good looks.

The question of whether the Anywhere singer had gone under the knife was resurrected by one of her recent Instagram posts, where she posed in a plunging red bra – one which revealed some rather ample assets, and left her fans asking whether she was naturally well endowed, or had had a little help to create such a burgeoning bosom.

According to surgeon Dr Maurino Joffily, the latter may be the case – the pop star’s assets have all the hallmarks of breast augmentation surgery. He stated: “Breast augmentation with Ms Ora is a high possibility. We can see more volume on the top of her cleavage.”

Dr Joffily explained that he believed this was not the only surgery Rita has had. He also pointed out a number of noticeable alterations to her face, suggesting that it’s more than just make-up that the starlet has used to enhance her natural beauty.

The medical professional suggested that the contoured curves of the 27 year old’s face are likely a result of fillers, while her raised eyebrows and dewy complexion point to both anti-wrinkle and some form of skin resurfacing.

The doctor said: “She appears to have had fillers to the lips, cheeks and possibly chin. These areas look more plumped and defined.”

The medical professional further speculated that Rita’s neat nose is the result of rhinoplasty, which has helped to make it smaller, narrower and more delicate in appearance.

Whatever the truth of the matter, we can say one thing for certain: the music judge looks absolutely amazing. If you’re interested in cosmetic surgery to help enhance your natural beauty, get in touch with the Belvedere Clinic today.


139579_5170 by Disney | ABC Television Group licensed under Creative commons 6


A brand new nose for TOWIE’s Georgia Kousoulou

Fans of The Only Way Is Essex may have spotted that Georgia Kousoulou looks a little different from before – and it’s because she’s the show’s latest star to undergo cosmetic surgery.

before-and-after-nose-surgery Georgia Kousoulou
TOWIE’s Georgia confirmed that she underwent rhinoplasty surgery to dramatically alter the shape of her nose, which now appears smaller and more rounded than it did before.

The decision to undergo the surgery was, as it is for many non-celebrity and celebrity cosmetic surgery fans alike, to boost her confidence and feel better about her appearance. Sadly, those in the public eye are subjected to intense scrutiny, with many subjected to online abuse and criticism from social media trolls – and Georgia Kousoulou was the victim of such behaviour: hurtful comments about her facial features contributed to her decision to go under the knife.

Now, say friends, her co-stars and her boyfriend, she’s happier than ever with the way she looks. While the social media trolls continue to bully her, with some criticising her decision, Georgia is also receiving plenty of support via Instagram and other social media from fans who think she looks fantastic – and we agree!

Georgia Kousoulou isn’t the sole star of The Only Way Is Essex to undergo cosmetic surgery to boost her confidence levels. Chloe Sims regularly speaks openly about how cosmetic surgery makes her feel more confident, with breast implants, a buttock lift, teeth veneers and regular botox treatments contributing to her look.

Before the filming of The Only Way Is Majorca, a number of TOWIE’s stars treated themselves to procedures to give them a confidence boost for the show’s beachwear shots. Treatments for Sims included a non-surgical facelift, while co-star Megan McKenna focused on lip fillers, and others, opted for teeth whitening before travelling to give confidence in their smile.

Georgia Kousoulou isn’t the only one to focus on her nose, either. Fearne McCann famously underwent rhinoplasty surgery, along with James Argent, while Bobby Norris took to Instagram to talk about the results of his septorhinoplasty process in late 2017: a process that, he says, was undergone to improve his breathing.

One thing’s for sure: there’s certainly no lack of confidence amongst the TOWIE bunch – and it’s clear that, for many, cosmetic surgery is key to helping them to feel their best both on and off screen.


Bigger is not always better when it comes to breast surgery

The trend is usually to get cosmetic surgery to increase the size of your breasts,


but over recent years the demand for a boob job to reduce the size has increased dramatically. Whether it is for medical reasons or for personal preference both celebrities and us ‘regular women’, have been going under the knife to go down a cup size or two.

Sharon Osborne, Drew Barrymore and EastEnders star Letitia Dean have all had breast reduction surgery to lower their chest size. Letitia underwent her surgery before she turned 20 as she was having to live with severe back pain and had low self-esteem due to her large breasts, while Drew Barrymore was very self-conscious about living with big boobs.
Mrs O had already had breast augmentation surgery when she decided the size wasn’t for her. In 2011 she went back under the knife to reduce the size by two cup sizes, although we all know these aren’t the only procedures that she has had.

It is worth mentioning though that it is not only us women who have been having the procedure done. It is growing increasingly common for men as well. Conditions like gynecomastia which gives men abnormally large breasts, or just plain old ‘moobs’ are being operated on. The global superstar and one of the highest paid actors in the world, Dwayne Johnson, or The Rock to some of us, had the operation done in 2005.

Internet searches for cosmetic surgery and in particular, plastic surgeons in London, have gone through the roof partly due to the success of TOWIE and Made in Chelsea. Gone are the days when boob jobs were a taboo subject and men and women quite rightly are now proud of the work they have done.

So, when the old phrase bigger is better gets thrown around we know that it is not the case. Whether it’s a boob job, rhinoplasty, liposuction or a bit of botox, we have them done for us. To make us feel beautiful or increase our confidence. These are our bodies and sometimes the best things come in small packages


Non-surgical cosmetic procedures: How young is too young?

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures like botox, facial fillers and lip fillers have been steadily increasing in popularity over the last decade or so.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures How young is too young?

The growing trend for celebrities to document their cosmetic surgery results on Instagram and Snapchat has meant that everybody from 20-somethings to 50-somethings are jumping on board the non-surgical bandwagon. But how young is too young when it comes to procedures like these?

Preventative Botox in your 30s – is it necessary?

According to expert dermatologists, the best time to have preventative Botox is between the ages of 35-40. This of course depends on your skin colour and the type of lifestyle you lead. For example, if you work outdoors or spend all your time in a sunny climate then you may wish to have Botox around age 30. There are even dermatologists who suggest Botox in your 20s can prevent the need to have more invasive procedures later on – good news if you’re uncertain about going under the knife!

Facial and lip fillers in your 20s

There’s really no need to have facial fillers in your 20s. As we age, the amount of collagen produced by our skin decreases, meaning skin loses its elasticity and tautness, causing that familiar sagging. From your mid-30s onwards, facial fillers are a popular option to provide plumpness, target lines and wrinkles and regain that youthful glow. Anybody under the age of 30 would be better opting for a good skincare routine and a protective moisturiser with SPF, or preventative Botox.

When it comes to lip fillers however, we’ve all seen celebrities like Kylie Jenner show off their impressive pouts. There’s no real age limit when it comes to dermal fillers to plump your pout, and because this is a non-invasive procedure, it’s quite safe when carried out by a registered, experienced medical professional. Lip injections use hyaluronic acid fillers, a substance which occurs naturally in the human body, so as far as cosmetic surgery goes, they are one of the most popular procedures around.

Cosmetic surgery doesn’t have to be invasive to give you great results, but if you want to look your best then it pays to know which non surgical procedures to consider and when.


Get over that christmas holiday hump!

With December comes Christmas, and with the festive period comes eating…lots of eating.

Get over that christmas holiday hump!

We indulge in our favourite staples of mince pies, Christmas puddings, turkey (or nut roast for the vegans and vegetarians!) and more, and inevitably make our new years resolutions to get back in shape.

In fact, the four top New Year’s resolutions in the UK all revolve around healthy eating, exercise and improving our physical bodily appearance. You’ve probably heard people following the holiday season with quips such as “it’s gone straight to my bum” as they race to complete the 30-day squat challenge to try and lift their backsides skyward.

However, cosmetic surgery has an answer to this, which comes in the form of the increasingly popular bum or thigh lift, where the loose skin around the buttock is tightened and lifted, creating a more chiselled and contoured backside. You can do this in combination with those post-year exercises, as the procedure helps you achieve a more peachy and lifted look, especially assisting in removing excess skin.

The procedure is favoured by countless celebs such as Ex on the Beach star, Jemma Lucy, who recently showed hers off. The reality personality opted for a Brazilian bum lift and looked particularly peachy as she stepped out on the streets of London. Other stars that have undergone Bum and thigh lift or liposuction include Holly Hagan, Chloe Sims and Ferne McCann, all of whom praise the results and recommend the cosmetic treatment. Instilling confidence, Chloe Sims states that she has become a lot more comfortable in her body as following the surgery she said she felt ‘more confident as a single woman with my body the way it is now – especially when I go on holiday. For the first time in ages, I’m actually looking forward to wearing a bikini.’

Even with regular exercise, it can be difficult to get your body in the shape that you feel the most confident with so that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Opting for a Bum and Thigh lift or liposuction allows this, not as a substitute for healthy eating or exercise, but as a physical self-confidence boost to get the body you deserve!