Interesting facts you probably didn’t know about plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery has been increasing in popularity in recent years and due to the greater availability for procedures, more and more people have been seeing the incredible results.

Interesting facts you probably didn’t know about plastic surgery

However, cosmetic or plastic surgery is not a new thing. Below we’ve listed out some interesting facts you probably don’t know about cosmetic surgery.

What’s in a name?

Plastic surgery has nothing to do with plastic. The word actually comes from the Greek word plastikos which means to mould or shape, which describes perfectly the different cosmetic procedures you can undergo nowadays. It took the development of anaesthesia and sterilisation to make more procedures possible and it wasn’t until the 19th century that the first nose job was attempted.

Advances in medicine

Dr. Warren Breidenbach, a leading surgeon at the University of Arizona, developed technology which allowed the first ever hand transplant to take place. The patient had lost their hand 14 years prior to surgery in a firework accident and the surgery took over three years to plan. It was successful and since that operation in 1999, 85 people worldwide have received hand or arm transplants thanks to the pioneering surgery.

The gender gap

Often cosmetic surgery is perceived as a female dominated pursuit, but this is not the case, with men rapidly catching up with women on the number of procedures they’re undergoing each year. For many men, their self-image also impacts their work life and with high flying jobs, they want to look and feel the part. Whether that’s line smoothing fillers to make their appearance younger, or surgery to address insecurities to help them feel more confident in and outside of work, cosmetic surgery is no longer just an option for women.

If you’ve been thinking about undergoing a cosmetic procedure and want to speak to an expert about increasing your self-confidence through surgery, then contact the Belvedere Clinic today.

We have been providing expert, personal care for our patients for over 40 years and understand that your decision to undergo cosmetic surgery will be a journey for you to undertake with our specialist support.



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