The lowdown on recovery from breast enlargement surgery

Making the decision to enhance your natural breast size is a huge step for many women.

recovery from breast enlargement surgery

However, often even when an breast enlargement may bring benefits in terms of increased self-esteem, confidence and self-image, many potential patients are deterred by the thought of having to undergo extensive healing following the operation.

If you have been considering breast enlargement, but are not sure what to expect in the days and weeks following the procedure, the guide below will give you all the basic information which you may need, to support you in making a decision for or against.

Timescales for recovery

Following on from your surgery, you can expect to have a few weeks of mild discomfort before the site is completely healed. Most women tend to take two full weeks off following the procedure, to give themselves plenty of time to recover without having to return to work too quickly.

We advise against driving and other more physical tasks for the first week, so if you have children, it’s probably a good idea to engage support from partners or relatives to help out with more physical elements of parenting, such as lifting and bathing your children. Having someone on hand to help with housework, groceries and other tasks which need a little more physical exertion is also a good idea in your first seven days of recovery.

In most cases, the stitches from the surgery will be removed at around one to two weeks following. If you have had dissolvable stitches, these will gradually break down by themselves.

How to expedite the recovery process

By taking it easy for the first two weeks, you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of a speedy recovery. Many surgeons recommend that you wear a comfortable sports bra for 24 hours, in the first three months following the procedure. This assists in supporting your new breasts and reducing stress on the surgical site.

If possible, it’s important to avoid all strenuous exercise such as using the treadmill at the gym or lifting heavy items for up to three months, to give your body the opportunity to heal completely without placing any strain on the area.

To reduce any chance of scarring, it’s important to keep your breasts out of direct sunlight for approximately twelve months following the operation. Massaging the scar site with oil can improve the area by providing moisture and keeping the skin smooth and elastic.

The average full recovery time for breast enlargement is around the six-week mark. In just a few months, your new breasts will be fully healed, look natural, and you will be able to ditch the sports bra and start to show off your new cleavage with lingerie. Contact us at Belvedere today for more information and advice.



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