How long should it take to heal from cosmetic surgery ?

Before you undergo any cosmetic surgery procedure, it’s well worth looking into the expected recovery time.

How long should it take to heal from surgery, and what should I do?

This will of course differ from person to person, as well as depend on the nature of the surgery – but it’s still essential to gaze at the estimates, just so you know what you might be in for.

Breast enlargement surgery can take only a matter of weeks, but it’s recommended that you take at least 2 of those weeks off work to properly recuperate.

– A tummy tuck shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks before your sutures can be removed.

Rhinoplasty surgery will also take around 2 weeks before the bruising, swelling and other unpleasant side effects subside.

– With liposuction, a lot of people can resume most activities after a few days and proceed as normal in as little as 2 weeks.

As mentioned, these times will change according to the nature of the surgeries and an array of other factors. All of which a good surgeon will go over with you before you decide to say yes or no.

But it’s not just the aftercare you should think about. Mentally preparing yourself ahead of it all could change the experience drastically. Simply sitting down with the information that your surgeon will have provided you with, as well as reading about pre and post-surgery experiences, will help you get an idea of what you’re in for.

By knowing what will happen to you, how you may feel and what you will be limited to doing, will likely save yourself a lot of stress and worry. You will no doubt be a little woozy once you’ve come out of the operating room, but any thoughts of panic about sensations and potential side effects will quickly pass once you’ve accepted them.

Talking to your surgeon and paying real attention to them is an invaluable thing. There’s no reason for them to hold back on some of the less desirable details, and they should know the ins and outs like the back of their own hand.

Should you be considering any surgeries and live in the London area, feel free to contact the Belvedere Clinic or take a read of our blogs for all manner of facts.



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