Did Bella Hadid get a nose job?

Bella Hadid and her sister Gigi are among the biggest top models of the moment, but the youngest Hadid has not resisted the temptations of cosmetic surgery.

Did Bella Hadid get a nose job?

Being Bella Hadid means having a steady army of fans that cover you in compliments every day. But that doesn’t mean losing all insecurity about your looks, and so the American top model has surprised everyone with her old photos, in which she appeared with decidedly different physical traits from the ones she has today. So did she get a rhinoplasty?  We don’t have confirmation from the model herself, but it’s clear that a few years ago Isabella, better known as Bella, had a very different nose and lips. Some sources have even pointed to her personal insecurity compared with her sister Gigi, who is currently more famous. This explains why Bella, at the young age of 20, has felt the need for cosmetic surgery.

Her nose before and after the rhinoplasty

Her dream was to become an Olympic horse riding champion, but Bella Hadid could not fulfil it because of Lyme’s illness, which she was diagnosed with in 2013. After this traumatic moment, her modelling career started, despite her introverted and insecure personality, and brought her to become an icon of sensuality.

Her shyness got worse when her sister Gigi made her debut on international runways, reaching heights of success unheard of before. And so rumour has it that the youngest Hadid followed the trend of celebrity plastic surgery. She went into town with her father’s credit card and returned with completely different facial features.

We do not know if these speculations are true, but old photos of the top model show a different nose, lip and cheek bone shape.

In the before pictures, her nose was long and had a slight hump on its back, whereas now it’s well-proportioned and has a finer tip. The same thing happened to her lips: before they were thin and not very well-defined, whereas now they’re much fuller. Finally, her cheek-bones are now more defined, possibly because of fillers and botox.

Whether or not Bella underwent surgery, you might be considering a similar procedure. Contact the Belvedere Clinic today to discuss further.

141689_6584 by Disney | ABC Television Group licensed under Creative commons 6

Source: http://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2017/04/18/did-bella-hadid-get-a-nose-job/


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