Is the rise in cosmetic surgery procedures influenced by social media?

According to plastic surgeons, fat infusion and facial surgery is on the rise due to the influence stemming from social media sites.

Is the rise in cosmetic surgery procedures influenced by social media?


Although in previous years, celebrities aimed to reinforce natural beauty, the popularity of cosmetic procedures is higher than ever. The slight drop in face-lifts in 2015 has since seen a 4% increase and continues to escalate.

The amount of selfies posted on social media sites has seemed to make individuals question their appearance, with the aim to improve their looks.

Although editing software and applications have often been used to alter photographs, it seems that individuals are now craving a real-life confidence boost to get the face and body of their dreams.

According to Dr. Debra Johnson: “Patients are captivated by instant improvements to the face. It’s evident in the popularity of apps and filters that change how we shape and shade our faces. While there are more options than ever to rejuvenate the face, a face-lift done by a board-certified plastic surgeon can have a dramatic, longer-lasting result, which is why I am not surprised to see face-lifts back in the top five most popular cosmetic surgical procedures.” [].

In 2016, over 17 million facial surgeries were carried out. The desire for nose reshaping and eyelid procedures has also risen by 2% in the past year; perhaps all due to the selfie trend.

Although cosmetic and plastic procedures are usually associated with getting plastic implants, this is not always the case. Individuals are now choosing to use natural fat as a replacement for plastic within surgeries. Last year, breast augmentations saw the use of natural fat used within procedures jump up to 72%. The natural fat is taken from other areas of the body. For example, the abdomen or buttock which is then used in areas such as the breast. The result of these treatments means that procedures may be more cost-effective for individuals in the hope of creating a more natural appearance.

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