Thigh and buttock lifts to complement weight loss

An increasing amount of people are undergoing thigh and buttock lift surgery following excessive weight loss, whether that is through diet and exercise or through bariatric surgery.

Thigh and buttock lifts to complement weight loss

Patients are turning to surgery because despite having already undergone dramatic body transformations, excess skin can leave people feeling physically and emotionally uncomfortable with their new physique. The thigh area can be a particularly troublesome area for excess skin as it tends to droop more than other areas of the body.

The physical and emotional discomfort that stems from this is linked to the appearance of loose, sagging skin. It is a result of the lack of elasticity in the skin and occurs following working incredibly hard to loose large amounts of weight. The answer for many people is a thigh and buttock lift which removes some of this skin, leaving a more sculpted appearance. Specifically, this provides tighter more toned buttocks by reducing or even eradicating cellulite on thighs and taking away excess folds. Many patients describe the feeling of having excess skin as being a final hurdle, that despite such a concerted effort, they are still not benefiting from the rewards of reducing their body weight.

Hidden benefits

A thigh and buttock lift is often not solely about appearance. Hidden benefits from this surgery include;

  • • Minimising overhanging skin which can cause painful chaffing – this can easily escalate to sores and infections.
  • • Enables clothes to fit better.
  • • Boosts your emotional health and self esteem by completing the process of body transformation after weight loss or bariatric surgery.
  • • Scars are generally hidden within the body’s natural skin folds.
  • • The results from thigh and buttock lifts are permanent.

It is a relatively short procedure, usually under two hours during which time your surgeon physically lifts the skin to give the effect of firm thighs and buttocks.

This surgery is not to be confused with a Brazilian buttock lift, which is a procedure that transfers fat to add volume to your buttocks.

Perfectly toned, sculpted legs are not always the result of diet and exercise. Thighs in particular are influenced heavily by genetics. Thigh and buttock lift surgery provide people with the option to achieve the body contours that they desire.

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