4 Interesting Facts About Cosmetic Surgery

With the increasing rise in popularity of cosmetic surgery, there is no longer any taboo surrounding people who decide to undergo such procedures; for example, in 2014, there were over 15.6 million cosmetic surgery procedures carried out.

Interesting-facts-about-cosmetic surgery

As the popularity of cosmetic surgery remains on the rise, and looks set to do so, the common misconceptions surrounding the practice are slowly being disproved. With that in mind, here are some interesting facts about cosmetic surgery to keep you informed.

1) Breast augmentation is still number one

Despite the vast array of different cosmetic procedures becoming available, breast augmentation remains as the most popular type of surgery being undergone. Most breast augmentation procedures use silicone implants, but in 23 per cent of surgeries, saline implants are still being utilised. The most common reasons cited for undergoing the procedure are the enlargement of small breasts, refilling breasts that are deflated after pregnancy, and correcting uneven breasts

2) Most surgery is carried out on those between 40-54 years old

The vast majority of cosmetic surgery procedures are carried out on those between the ages of 40 and 54. Perhaps unsurprising, considering this is the age group where people begin to see signs of the aging process. Moreover, individuals within this age group usually have more financial resources at their disposal, and therefore can afford cosmetic surgery.

3) Over 90% of cosmetic surgery is performed on women

Despite the rise in the number of men who are undergoing cosmetic surgery, the overwhelming majority of procedures are still carried out on women. It remains to be seen if the rise in men’s cosmetic surgery will alter this figure dramatically. Most procedures being undertaken by women are anti-aging and fat removal procedures like liposuction and tummy tuck being very popular.

4) Injections are taking over

Despite the commonly held beliefs about cosmetic surgery, most procedures are now carried out injections, rather than the traditional ‘nip and tuck’ style of surgery. The usage of chemical injections like botulinum and hyaluronic acid makes cosmetic surgery much safer, quicker, and less invasive. Rather than undergoing general anaesthetic, spending hours under the knife, and having a painful recovery, Injections allow the use of local anaesthetic and dramatically reduced procedure times.

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The surprising benefits of breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation surgery can do more than just change the shape of your body and the way you view it.

The-surprising-benefits-of-breast augmentation surgery

There are obvious physical changes, which can change your life on their own, but there are also a number of additional surprising benefits to getting a breast augmentation that not many people know about. Here are a few of these benefits, as suggested by our in-house professionals.

1. Increased body confidence

Getting breast augmentation surgery doesn’t just mean you will feel more confident about that specific part of your body; it often means you will end up feeling more confident about your whole body. Not only will you enjoy the physical changes, but there is a very real psychological boost too. Getting an augmentation is also a way of claiming ownership over your body, and proves to yourself that your body is completely yours and you can do what you want with it, regardless of what others may think.

2. Look towards fashion

Enhancing your figure through augmentation can really help you to feel comfortable in your own skin. This means that you are much more likely to start wearing clothes that show off your newfound confidence. Having the freedom to wear whatever you want, and knowing that you look stunning in it, is likely to improve your self-esteem, allowing your clothes to reflect the new you.

3. Improved sex life

A study by the University of Florida found that women’s sexual satisfaction could be directly correlated to having breast augmentation surgery, with sexual desire rising 78%, arousal increasing by 81% and overall sexual satisfaction increasing by 57% after augmentation. Similar studies by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have found similar results. The improved confidence in yourself and your body does wonders to your sex life, and will increase your partner’s satisfaction too.

At Belvedere Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering the best cosmetic surgery, to help you get the body you deserve. Our professional and expert staff are committed to the highest levels of patient care, and tailor each of our services to match the patients’ needs and desires. For more information about our services, please visit our website (https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/) or contact us at info@belvedereclinic.co.uk.

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/07/09/the-surprising-benefits-of-breast-augmentation-surgery/

Everything you need to know about male hair transplant surgery

Male pattern baldness occurs as men age. This is when hair is lost from the sides, top of the scalp and around the hairline.


This is fairly common in men and can start as early as the age of thirty. This can lead to feelings of self consciousness and low self esteem. However, the cosmetic surgery procedure, Follicle Unit Transplant (FUT) can help to solve this problem. Below we explain everything you need to know about male FUT.


What exactly is a male hair transplant procedure?

Follicle Unit Hair Transplantation (FUT) is the process of removing hair from one area of the scalp, and then transplanting it to another area of the scalp. Hair is usually taken from the back of the scalp and transplanted to the top and sides of the scalp. The surgical procedure involves small strips of skin and their hair follicles being surgically removed and then transplanted to the new area of the scalp via fine incisions and surgical stitches.


How long is the procedure?

Generally most men will require a half day in the clinic. The procedure is carried out as a day case and under local anaesthetic, so you are free to go once the procedure has been completed.


Is this cosmetic surgery painful?

A local anaesthetic is injected to the areas of the scalp where skin is removed and then transplanted. You should therefore feel no pain during this cosmetic procedure, although you will feel pressure. Following the procedure you may experience a little discomfort, but this will be short lived.


Post operative care and recovery

Once the procedure has been carried out you will be able to go home. As the procedure uses small incisions and uses a fairly low invasive approach, healing time is pretty quick. There may be very fine scars but they will fade over time.


When will I see results?

Full results should be seen five months post surgery. It takes this amount of time for the new hair follicles to fully grow. It will appear much finer to begin with, but will thicken over time.

To learn more about male FUT and other similar cosmetic surgeries, please do get in touch with us at the Belvedere Clinic today.

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/07/03/everything-you-need-to-know-about-male-hair-transplant-surgery/

Everything you need to know about liposuction

Liposuction, which is also known as lipoplasty, is now a common cosmetic surgical procedure carried out across the UK.


In simplistic terms, this procedure ‘suctions out’ unwanted fat from different areas of the body. If you are considering having liposuction, then you may have many questions that you would like to ask. Perhaps you are anxious about the procedure? Below we explore everything you need to know about liposuction.

What exactly is liposuction?

This is a cosmetic procedure in which pockets of fat are removed from the body. Common areas of the body include the stomach, upper arms, thighs, and buttocks. Liposuction is not a solution for weight loss, but helps to reshape and sculpt the body.

Am I suitable for liposuction?

Ideally the best results are seen in those patients who are close to their ideal weight. Liposuction can help to tackle those stubborn to remove pockets of fat, that cannot be shifted with diet or exercise. Those patients who are in good physical health, and are non-smokers, respond well to liposuction.

What are the limitations of this surgery?

Liposuction can remove up to around 10 pounds of fat, so it is not suitable for removing large areas of fat deposits. You have to be realistic with your expectations of this surgery. Together with a healthy lifestyle and diet, liposuction can help you to have a flatter stomach or toned upper arms.

Risks of liposuction

Every surgical procedure comes with risks, and liposuction is no exception. However, your cosmetic surgeon will talk through the procedure and explain all specific risks and potential complications. Some slight risks may include bleeding, bruising, swelling and skin discolouration.

What happens during the procedure?

Small incisions are made into the skin and then fine cannulas are inserted, which then suck out the fat. This is usually carried out under general anaesthetic. Once the fat is removed the area will be stitched and covered with a dressing.

Recovery following liposuction

In most cases you can go home the same day. You won’t be able to lift heavy objects for two to three days. Results will be seen after several weeks and bruising or swelling will slowly subside.

To learn more about liposuction surgery with Belvedere Clinic, then please do get in touch with us today.

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/06/29/everything-you-need-to-know-about-liposuction/

Medical Benefits Of A Tummy Tuck

Healthy eating and gym visits may not always leave you with the body you want. Sometimes, you can’t get that belly bulge to disappear, no matter how much effort you put in. In fact, losing weight elsewhere on your body may leave your tummy more pronounced, leaving people disheartened about the way they look. There is, however, a solution.


Tummy tucks, also known as abdominoplasty, were once considered the procedure of the rich and famous, but are becoming increasingly common amongst the general population due to their affordability and amazing results.

They also have some less well known medical benefits too, making a tummy tuck a great option for everyone.


1. Improved abdominal tone and posture

After pregnancy, or weight loss, the stomach muscles can become distended, which cannot be rectified by exercise and diet alone. In this situation, a tummy tuck will significantly tighten these weak muscles, as well as removing unwanted fat and excess skin, and flattening the abdomen. This has many medial benefits, as weak abdominal muscles are often linked with back pain and irregular positioning of the spine. Tummy tucks will result in better posture and improved back support, helping to prevent against all types of back pain.


2. Reduces the risk of ventral hernias

Ventral hernias occur when an organ, often a part of the intestines, breaks through the abdominal muscle wall, forming an obvious and usually painful bulge below the skin. These types of hernias have many potential causes, including caesarean sections, having your appendix removed or significant weight loss. As tummy tucks serve to increase the strength of the abdominal muscles, this reduces the risk of hernias being formed, saving you large amounts of pain and potential future surgery.


3. Reduction of stress urinary incontinence

For anyone who has given birth naturally, there is a chance of developing stress urinary incontinence. This is a bladder control problem caused by the displacement of the bladder, urinary tract and weakening of the associated muscles due to vaginal births, and will manifest itself through accidental and uncontrollable leakage from coughing, sneezing and laughing. A tummy tuck can help to restore the natural positions of these organs and muscles, reducing the risk of incontinence.

Now that you know a tummy tuck can provide medical benefits, as well as giving you more confidence in your appearance, it’s time to book one. For more information on this procedure please look at https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/female-surgery/tummy-tuck/, or contact us here https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/contact/.

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/06/22/medical-benefits-of-a-tummy-tuck/

The top three cosmetic surgery trends for men in 2018

Male cosmetic surgery is on the rise. Here are three of 2018’s most popular treatments:


The top three cosmetic surgery trends for men in 2018

1. Hair transplants

We all know a male friend who is going a bit thin on top. But male pattern baldness, or any form of hair loss, is now one of the number one causes of anxiety among men – particularly if they’re young. With 40% of men under the age of 35 worried about losing their hair, hair transplant surgery is on the rise. Restoring hair is an enormous confidence booster, and with modern technology, the surgery is only getting better and better. With well-known poster boys for the treatment like Wayne Rooney, we’re seeing a lot of the stigma attached to cosmetic surgery for men vanishing. Modern procedures often involve removing hairs from the back and side of the head, where they tend to grow thicker, and implanting them at the follicle into bald or balding areas. Costs can vary, but increase with the amount of work required.


2. Liposuction

Despite the massive growth of the health and fitness industry, some people still find it extremely difficult to shift fat. This can be a massive blow to men’s confidence, particularly with the seemingly ubiquitous presence of chiselled abs and ripped celebrities in movies, on TV and all over social media. Different forms of liposuction have for a long time been a popular way for men to reveal their six-pack, or just generally more toned stomachs.


3. Gynaecomastia surgery (or male breast reduction)

As any man who has ever worn an unflattering shirt will know, a flabby chest can be a source of embarrassment and plummeting self-confidence. ‘Man-boobs’, as they’re colloquially known, aren’t always the product of a bad diet, or even a lack of enough exercise. Hormone imbalances, genetic differences and even bone structure and muscle insertions can lead to the appearance of male breasts. In fact, about 50% of men suffer from the condition. Male breast reduction is on the rise, with double-digit growth year on year – it involves a surgeon making a small incision and removing fatty tissue from under the nipple, and costs hover around £3,000 at the moment.

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/06/11/the-top-three-cosmetic-surgery-trends-for-men-in-2018/

Almost 50% of women want to ‘turn back the clock’

A new survey has found that almost 50% of women now reach a point in their life where they become keen to turn back the clock with their appearance.

Almost 50% of women want to ‘turn back the clock’

This, of course, is just one of the reasons why cosmetic surgery has become so popular in the UK.

The figure is the result of research conducted by the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, in which 2,000 people took part. Of the women who were included in the survey, 46% of those revealed that they wanted to ‘turn back the clock’ to their youth – in particular back to the days when they were in their 20s.

The women involved in the research pinpointed the age of 45 as the peak time when they had begun to feel ‘invisible’, as well as lacking in male attention. Meanwhile, men were found to have a similar experience when they reached the slightly more mature age of 47. According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, it’s generally women who are quick to take action though. In fact, 91% of plastic surgery procedures were performed on women in the UK in 2017.

Dr De Silva – the man behind the new survey – explained that while women in their 40s have never looked better because of diet and lifestyle, many still don’t accept their natural appearance and strive for better. He said: “Whether we like it or not, the age of invisibility happens to both sexes throughout their forties and fifties.”

The surgeon added: “For women, we found the peak age was 45. We are all living longer and healthier lives and women have never looked better in their 40s but they do feel under increasing pressure to turn back the ageing process. Men report declining levels of allure two years later at 47, though they seem happier to let nature take its course.”

Time to turn back the clock

You don’t have to hit a certain age before considering plastic surgery. Instead, you can take advantage of a cosmetic procedure before, during or after you reach your 40s. If you want to find out more about your options, be sure to get in touch with Belvedere.

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/06/07/almost-50-of-women-want-to-turn-back-the-clock/

How fillers can help you embrace the make-up free trend

The new feminist movement insists that women are just fine the way they are:

How fillers can help you embrace the make-up free trend

there is a movement against rigorous body hair removal, with armpits and legs being allowed to sprout luxurious growth. Along with this reluctance to shave or wax comes a refusal to wear high heels, despite the salutary effect they have on the shape of the leg, and more and more women of a certain age are choosing to no longer wear makeup for every public outing.
While this rejection can feel liberating for some, it can also be very concerning for others who feel naked baring their skin, especially in the age of the selfie.From around the mid-to-late thirties, fine lines begin to creep over a women’s face. This is an almost purely female problem as men have skin that is up to twenty-five per cent thicker than a women’s, which means it resists ageing more readily than fine female skin. These lines can look attractive, giving warmth, humour and character when they form pleasingly around the eyes and mouth, but all too often they are unsightly, sagging and pulling down the corners of the mouth and emphasising the natural thinning of the lips that also occurs around this time of life.

One way to make sure that you can maintain a natural nude look for longer is by the judicious use of cosmetic processes such as lip fillers. Of course, we have all seen examples of those rare people who suffer a condition known as dysmorphia in which they have cosmetic surgery after surgery, making the end result look overdone.

These days lip fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally occurring in the body. The filler is injected into the area that is showing signs of crepe skin and sagging, and plumps it up, returning it to a youthful freshness.
Properly performed processes – such as the lip fillers that Michelle Keegan is reputed to have recently invested in – are very subtle and simply erase the lines without creating that over-stretched, tight look. Fillers will eventually wear off, but the need to have them topped up occasionally is more than repaid by the admiration that will be garnered from being able to go make-up free into your fifties. To find out more, speak to us at Belvedere Clinic today.

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/06/04/how-fillers-can-help-you-embrace-the-make-up-free-trend/

Is there a correlation between celebrities and young people undergoing plastic surgery?

Is there a correlation between celebrities and young people undergoing plastic surgery?You should only undergo plastic surgery when you are confident that it is the choice for you.

Whether it be a breast augmentation due to an irregularity in your breasts or even a tummy tuck after weight loss; whatever it may be it is a decision that you take after careful thought and consideration.

Celebrity influence

However, with the increase of young people on social media, they are more and more at risk of being influenced by their celebrity idols. With cosmetic surgery being so available to the stars it makes it seem as if it is a very common practice, even for the younger celebrities who are finding stardom. It is this attitude that makes younger people believe that it a small decision to make.

The added pressure of having to look a certain way in society will be what drives the naive and impressionable to undergo cosmetic surgery. Celebrities such as Bella and Gigi Hadid are beautiful and others desire to look like them. However, Bella’s decision caused a great amount of controversy due to the fact that she changed her image so dramatically that her friends and relatives were noted to have said that they did not recognise her. This is not a positive representation for young women when it comes to their understanding of plastic surgery.

Make sure it is right for you

Even though cosmetic surgery can be used to change a feature of your body that has plagued you; or to fix an irregularity that has come about as a result of weight loss or a change in your body, it should only be undertaken after an individual has stopped developing. Interfering with the body’s natural development could either make the surgery null and void or even cause problems later in life. Members of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (BAAPS) have commentated that yes, some young women may have a need for surgery at an early age for correctional reasons, but those who undergo it purely as a result of celebrity influence could regret it as they are at a psychologically vulnerable age.

Cosmetic surgery can do wonders to correct your image and increase your self-esteem; or even give you the much-needed confidence that you have been missing. Whatever the reason for Plastic surgery, the decision needs to be made after great consideration and at a point when the body has finished developing. Contact Belvedere today for the right support and advice for your next cosmetic procedure.

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/05/31/is-there-a-correlation-between-celebrities-and-young-people-undergoing-plastic-surgery/

The good, the bad and the ugly of celebrity plastic surgery

Celebrities are the first to deny that they’ve had any Plastic Surgery done, but this is not particularly believable as the work they’ve had done shows on their faces, especially the more extreme procedures that you should avoid.

Have a look at some of these extreme celebrity examples to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t so your plastic surgery looks natural and improves what’s already there rather than changing your whole face.

Plastic surgery gone wrong

pete-burns-celebrity-plastic-surgery1Pete Burns

One of the worst examples of plastic surgery going wrong is Pete Burns, former DJ, TV personality and man about town. Mr Burns had so many lip implants (and also probably other work like cheek implants) he barely looked like he used to.

Katie Price

Katie Price, the former model known as Jordan, has definitely had multiple breast implants. She has up to eight breast augmentations, lip fillers, botox and a myriad of other procedures. Unfortunately, Katie has had to step away from the surgeon’s knife because of rupturing breast implants.

Plastic surgery gone right

The good, the bad and the ugly of celebrity plastic surgeryKate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale, English star of movies like Underworld, has had minor plastic surgery done, but very well, and she shows just what little work can do without going over the top. She appears to have teeth veneers fitted and a minor nose job, but this work was so subtle it accentuated her natural beauty rather than making her look older or unnatural.

Keira Knightley

Keira doesn’t appear to have had a lot of plastic surgery done, or perhaps it’s so subtle it’s hard to notice. Her jaw line has definitely changed since her Bend it like Beckham days, and it has given her face a far more streamlined look.

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