Extreme weight loss leads to growing popularity of arm lift surgery

An astonishing 67% of men and 57% of women are overweight in the UK. The same alarming trend can be seen in the US. However, it seems large numbers of people are now making an effort to experience extreme weight loss – and this is leading to an increase in arm lift surgery.

Extreme weight loss leads to growing popularity of arm lift surgery

In fact, the Arm Lift procedure is now carried out an average of 15,000 times a year in America.

Extreme weight loss – whether it’s achieved naturally or through treatment such as a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve – is prone to leaving patients with skin sagging from their arms. The only viable option to remove this unsightly sagging is to undergo an arm lift. Also known as brachioplasty, it’s a procedure in which a surgeon reshapes and contours the upper arm. Anyone can take advantage of it; however, it’s typically popular with those who have shifted huge amounts of weight.

American media outlet WINK News recently welcomed Dr. Michael Kim on to one of their broadcasts to discuss the procedure with news anchor Kristin Sanchez. He revealed that arm lifts are especially popular amongst people between the ages of 30 and 60. He also added that it’s not uncommon for other age groups to take advantage of the surgery as long as they’re in good health and are likely to make a speedy recovery.

Dr. Kim said: “It’s a very safe, relatively straight-forward procedure.” He added: “Most of the patients are extremely happy. Once you cut that skin out it’s almost like a normal arm – it looks great!”

The surgeon also explained that there was no other feasible way to lose the sagging skin from the arms without going under the knife. This means that other attempts – such as a change in diet or increased exercise – can prove futile.

Are you fed up with your arms?

Life’s too short to accept your imperfections. After all, you can take action and improve your appearance with the help of plastic surgery. Whether you require an arm lift or have set your sights on a different procedure, be sure to find out all the information you need by getting in touch with Belvedere.

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/04/20/extreme-weight-loss-leads-to-growing-popularity-of-arm-lift-surgery/


It’s official – Millennials are huge fans of cosmetic surgery

Millennials are a notoriously difficult demographic to please. So much so that those who make up the generation recently made headlines when they turned against the popular TV show Friends.

It's official - Millennials are huge fans of cosmetic surgery

This is why it’s all the more impressive to hear that millennials are happy to give cosmetic surgery procedures a thumbs up in a climate where they’re often quick to shoot things down.

According to a new survey carried out by Zalea, 40% of millennials have either had a cosmetic procedure or would consider having it in the next 12 months. Out of these, 75% admitted that they would be happy to go under the knife and have plastic surgery it if meant they would be happier with an aspect of their appearance.

Louis Scafuri, the co-founder of Zalea, said that these findings generally set the demographic apart from other generations who have come before them. He explained: “By and large, this younger millennial generation appears to express a stronger acceptance and willingness to consider cosmetic procedures, than the older generations.” He added: “This survey indicates that these kinds of procedures are becoming considerably more socially acceptable.”

Millennials – which is the term typically given to those people who were born between 1980 and 2000 – also featured heavily in a report released by the Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics in 2017. This research looked into the most popular plastic surgery choices chosen by millennials before ultimately compiling a top five list.

Unsurprisingly, boob jobs were named the number one procedure. This is after more than 700,000 millennials underwent a breast augmentation across the globe in 2016. Liposuction came in second, whereas a nose job placed third in the results. A tummy tuck came in fourth – but this wasn’t for lack of popularity. In fact, over 35,000 millennials shaped up with the help of a tummy tuck in America in 2016.

Are you a millennial?

It looks likely that the amount of cosmetic surgery procedures being carried out could soon hit new heights now that millennials are on board with it. If you fall into the demographic and are interested in going under the knife, be sure to find out more about your chosen procedure by getting in touch with Belvedere.

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/04/18/its-official-millennials-are-huge-fans-of-cosmetic-surgery/

More than 2,000 men had cosmetic surgery last year in the UK

More than 2,000 men had cosmetic surgery last year in the UKIt’s true that women still make up the bulk of patients who choose to undergo plastic surgery. However, there’s no denying that men are more willing than ever to go under the knife. This was certainly true in 2017 –

where a total of 2,417 males enjoyed the benefits of a male cosmetic procedure. Men now make up 10% of all cosmetic procedures, which is way up on the 10-year average.

These enlightening statistics have been revealed by plastic surgeon Rajiv Grover, a former president and spokesperson for the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. He accepted that men do face a certain ‘pressure’ to look good, even if it’s not as prominent as the pressure felt by women. He said: “Men aren’t looked at with the same scrutiny as women – you see quite a few male celebrities who don’t look like an Adonis, but they’re okay. The pressure is there for men, but as it’s more face-focused – facial procedures on the neck, nose, jaw etc. are the gold standard for them.”

So what are the most popular cosmetic procedures being enjoyed by men? A rhinoplasty – also known as a nose job – topped the charts in 2017. A total of 554 men opted to have it done, causing a 5% year-on-year increase from 2016. Meanwhile, ear correction surgery was close behind with 419 of these procedures being carried out on men over the same calendar year.

Eyelid reduction and male breast reduction came in third and fourth respectively on the list. Finally, liposuction rounded off the top five most popular procedures for men after a total of 270 male patients decided to shape up with a little extra help.

Reflecting on the findings, Dr Grover argued that men are more ‘face-focused’ than ever before. He claimed: “[…] recently we’ve found there’s been a real change – men are more face-focused and less body-focused, whereas women are the opposite.”

A trend you can jump on

If you’re a man and you’ve always fancied cosmetic surgery, it’s clear that you’re not the only one. To find out more information about any procedures you might be interested in, get in touch with Belvedere.

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/04/16/more-than-2000-men-had-cosmetic-surgery-last-year-in-the-uk/

The trend of ‘couples surgery’ is taking off

You may have heard of couples retreats or couples massages. Now, however, it’s time to open your mind to the idea of ‘couples surgery’.

The trend of ‘couples surgery’ is taking off

After all, this is the newest trend in the world of cosmetic surgery – and it’s only set to become more and more popular as time goes by.


The concept is simple: partnered up people sit down together and decide to go under the knife. It all stems from the likelihood that couples often share the same goals when it comes to their appearance. For instance, a boyfriend and girlfriend who want to shape up might decide upon his and hers liposuction to get rid of excess body fat. Meanwhile, an ageing husband and wife might opt for a facelift in an effort to knock a few years off their face.

The trend has officially entered mainstream consciousness following an article published by Allure. The feature includes the opinions of a number of world-renowned surgeons who have dealt first-hand with improving the appearance of couples. Julius Few, a professor of plastic surgery at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, told Allure that the trend isn’t subject to a certain demographic. He told the publication: “I have had couples come in prior to their wedding, after their kids went off to college, and at every stage in between.”

Meanwhile, other medical professionals have outlined that the trend is the result of couples sharing ‘similar priorities’. New York-based plastic surgeon Haideh Hirmand told Allure: “Similar-minded people are together and have similar priorities.”

In addition to this, fellow surgeon Alan Matarasso added that anti-ageing procedures are the most popular ones chosen by couples who decide that it’s time for a change. “When we talk about couples, it’s often ageing procedures,” he explained. He added: “People are often relatively similar in age so they may have similar complaints.”

Is ‘couples surgery’ for you?

Whether your other half is keen to go under the knife or whether it’s just you who’s set your heart on a cosmetic procedure, now is one of the best times to enjoy the benefits of plastic surgery. For more information on your desired procedure, get in touch with Belvedere.

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/04/09/the-trend-of-couples-surgery-is-taking-off/

Over 50% of women would now consider surgery – and men aren’t far behind

A new survey has revealed that plastic surgery is on the mind of more women than ever before.


According to the research carried out by Mintel, over 50% of women aged between 18 and 34 are now open to the notion of going under the knife to improve their appearance. In this demographic, a whopping 52% would consider cosmetic surgery.

This means that more than half of young women are open to the idea of improving their appearance via surgery – and this figure could easily rise over the next few years.

Meanwhile, men – who have historically been less interested in altering their appearance with the help of surgery – are also coming round to the idea that a cosmetic procedure may be for them. Mintel found that 39% of males aged between 18 and 34 are now beginning to accept that a cosmetic procedure could be in their future.

So what procedures were both sexes interested in? Liposuction topped the polls for women. The treatment – in which fat is removed from the body to create a slimmer and more desirable figure – was closely followed by a tummy tuck. Other popular procedures that the fairer sex admitted to fancying included breast augmentations, eyebrow lifts and eyelid lifts. Men, on the other hand, were most tempted by the prospect of having a hair transplant. This follows the treatment being brought into the mainstream by men such as Wayne Rooney.

The research delved a little deeper into the findings to understand exactly why men and women are having more surgery than ever before. Surveying former patients who were thrilled with the outcome after going under the knife, 41% said that their decision to act was based on the simple desire to look better. Meanwhile, 33% confessed that they wanted to feel more confident in themselves. Finally, 27% revealed that they were urged to take action because they wanted to feel more comfortable.

Join the trend!

There have never been more people interested in going under the knife. If plastic surgery is a trend that you want to get involved with, be sure to find out all the information you need on the cosmetic procedures offered by Belvedere.

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/04/05/over-50-of-women-would-now-consider-surgery-and-men-arent-far-behind/

2017 saw women focus on body cosmetic surgery

Celebrities have been in the headlines for decades now for enhancing the way they look and making themselves feel better, from the likes of Pamela Anderson to Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham

Cosmetic surgery is a popular way of giving ourselves a confidence boost, whether it’s your boobs, tummy or bum!

Surgical procedures can ensure you’re comfortable in your skin, with the option to recontour your body and produce a more aesthetically pleasing body. As we continue to live in a world dominated by social media and looking great on various apps like Instagram, it’s clear that the pressure to look good has never been bigger.

Cosmetic surgery amongst celebrities sparks trends amongst the rest of us as we strive to look our best; big or small boobs, liposuction and buttock Enlargement are all popular ways to enhance what Mother Nature gave us.

In 2017, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) revealed statistics that showed us women are still favouring cosmetic surgery, with a particular focus. Women’s choices seemed to be solely concentrated on the body, with breast augmentation still being the most popular procedure. Up 7% over the last year, breast enlargements have taken on a more natural appearance as opposed to the oversized styles of the past.

The increasing trend of activewear and a focus on a healthy life may also play a part in women opting for cosmetic surgery on their bodies. As we strive for a more toned appearance, cosmetic surgery can help to address the stubborn areas that diet and exercise don’t seem to help. Similarly, as we continue to follow a healthier lifestyle and lose weight, tummy tucks are a way to eliminate excess skin and complete the transformation process.

Our fascination with celebrities has impacted our view on cosmetic surgery too. As Kylie Jenner’s lips hit headlines across the world, and Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle, our preferences towards our appearance shift. There is no doubt that 2018 will continue to see women following trends within the cosmetic surgery industry; whether it’s a more natural look or a drastic change to achieve the look we’ve always desired!

victoria-beckham81106004 by jingdianmeinv1 licensed under Creative commons 5

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/04/03/2017-saw-women-focus-on-body-cosmetic-surgery/

Hair transplants can cure migraines, study finds

Migraine sufferers are no stranger to being struck down with a pulsating pain without a second’s notice. In fact, the infliction – which affects roughly one in seven people in the UK – can cause people to feel nauseous, start vomiting and become sensitive to light when it strikes.


These symptoms, however, could soon be a thing of the past thanks to follicular unit hair transplants.

According to a new study, the cosmetic procedure – in which hair follicles are transplanted into balding areas – has the ability to cure migraines. The breakthrough was discovered by researchers from the SO-EP Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic in Turkey. These experts recruited six men to take part in the research, all of which admitted to suffering from migraines and were going bald. Upon undergoing a hair transplant, the participants revealed that they no longer suffered from migraines or had to take pain medication to relieve headaches.

Lead researcher Dr Safvet Ors said: “The post-operative improvement in each patient was dramatic. As a result of this study, hair plantation in bald migraine patients may be an alternative to migraine treatment.”

The study, published in the journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Global Open, could not pinpoint exactly why the migraines began to subside in patients. However, it is suspected that it might have something to do with the fact that a hair transplant can destroy nerve endings in the scalp, thus limiting the signals which are responsible for causing pain.

The research is the latest positive discovery concerning the benefits of undergoing a hair transplant. It follows a study published in the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, which found that eight of ten men believed they looked more professional with a head of hair. Known ‘the Samson Effect’, it also found that patients were deemed to appear more attractive, approachable, and successful following a hair transplant.

Enjoy the advantages

It seems not a day goes by without yet another discovery about how beneficial it can be to undergo cosmetic surgery. If you’ve decided that it’s your time to enjoy the advantages for yourself, be sure to get in touch with Belvedere to find out all the information you need to know.

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/03/27/hair-transplants-can-cure-migraines-study-finds/

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Study finds tummy tucks can help resolve postpartum back pain and incontinence

Study finds tummy tucks can help resolve postpartum back pain and incontinenceA tummy tuck has long remained an aesthetic procedure that’s benefited everyone from world-famous actresses to your average office worker.

However, a new study has outlined that the procedure doesn’t just visually improve the abdominal area and cause patients to become happier with their bodies. Instead, it also has a string of medical advantages for women who have recently given birth.

The research – published in the journal for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – has discovered that a tummy tuck can actually go some length to aiding women who are suffering from chronic back pain after giving birth. In addition, it can also help those who are experiencing urinary incontinence since welcoming their child. This breakthrough finding means that a tummy tuck could now be perceived as an essential procedure for women who are struggling to adjust to parenthood.

Discussing the discovery, Dr. Alastair Taylor, a reconstructive and plastic surgeon with the Canberra Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic in Australia, said: “Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) not only restores the trunk to its pre-pregnancy shape, it also restores the function, converting a moderate disability to a trivial issue that no longer dictates what can be achieved.”

All in all, 214 women were involved in the study. Between them they’d had an average 2.5 deliveries and were an average age of 42. Out of the participants, an incredible 85% confessed that their back pain had subsided following their tummy tuck. Meanwhile, a further 73% accepted that there had been an improvement to their incontinence problems.

One person who has praised the finding is blogger Kileen Valenzuela. Speaking about how the tummy tuck had changed her life for the better, she wrote on the blog site Little & Cute: “I don’t have back pain anymore, and I feel like myself.” Kileen was one of the participants involved in the research.

Do you want a tummy tuck?

You don’t have to have just given birth to consider a tummy tuck. The procedure is widely used by men and women from all walks of life, so don’t hesitate to find out more information by getting in touch with Belvedere.

Source: https://www.belvedereclinic.co.uk/blog/2018/03/22/study-finds-tummy-tucks-can-help-resolve-postpartum-back-pain-and-incontinence/